Why am I still drawing these F*****g horses?!

Wow, a photo of me that I actually LIKE and doesn’t look like crap! 

From our Brony Potluck today.


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I humanized the Magic School Bus, since it’s Ms Frizzle’s TARDIS equivalent! I mean, she IS a Timelord right? And the cliche of overused references ensued!

wow she certainly is 



this post changed my life forever

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Have I mentioned that Barret is one of my most favoritest characters in anything ever?


sorry guys i tripped

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Yawns are catching. Even when you’re kittens in a bucket.


The mythical kittydra!

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this show gives no fucks

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Anybody in the food-services industry who does this to their customers is a cunt who deserves to lose their jobs. Not only is it just down right wrong, but it could be dangerous to somebody who has particular dietary requirements.

Having had the unfortunate experience of living with somebody who works at Starbucks, I have no doubt that this shit happens.

i’m lucky enough to have encountered a barista malicious enough to do this to me - i ordered a decaf latte with soy milk and they gave me fully caffeinated with cow’s milk. cue hours of panic attacks and feeling sick. ugh

Why do some baristas think its adorable and clever to dick around with people’s specifications?  They can kill someone with allergies with this shit. 

I get the dirtiest looks when I order anything with soy there. I’m Lactose Intolerant, and this bitch decided to give me whole milk in my macchiato. I took one taste and handed it back to her. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “What? Something wrong?” I looked her dead in the eye and said “Well yes actually, I ordered and was charged for soy milk. This has whole milk, I want you to re make it and get me a manager so I can discuss how your company thinks it’s funny to hand out purposefully wrong drinks when the person they’re handing them to gets sick when those requirements aren’t met.” She stood there for a second looking at me confused and I sighed and said “I’m lactose intolerant bitch, fix my fucking drink before I get you fired on health code violation.”

Do people not realize that most of the world’s population has some sort of lactose intolerance?

This infuriates me. My niece who is lactose intolerant and has ibs has been sick since last thursdau because her school gave her a full dairy pizza (I know its not related to starbucks), she was on2 so much pain that she had to be taken to the er, and has not been to school since.

Point is, DO THE FUCKING ORDER CORRECTLY. Dont be be a malicious ass hat and think you are being clever. You do not know what medical conditions people have. And even if they don’t have medical conditions, make the order that they paid for correctly!

Haha yea I once spent three days on the intensive care unit passed out ‘because someone gave me a big sugary soft drink instead of the sugar free one, ahahaha it was so hilarious I literally almost died and couldn’t eat anything for a week after that and hahaha my right arm still doesn’t work right ‘cause I got nerve damage haha what a bitch I was for asking for special treatment 


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